This wiki showcases the group projects from the MDMC 2010 conference. In conjunction with the Milwaukee Art Museum, participants of the conference created a wiki page around a specific piece of art. This page should contain:
  • Diigo Tag Cloud (Participants collaboratively researched their pieces and combined their research using Diigo. A "Tag Cloud" of their key information is provided to help further research.)
  • YouTube interview Clips of museum staff members (Participants interviewed key personnel at the Milwaukee Art Museum to give a "behind-the-scenes" look at how the museum operates. Each group provides clips of 1 museum staff member.)
  • TimeRime timeline (Participants used their research to create a timeline about their art piece. This timeline could included information about the specific piece, the artist, other pieces by the artist, world events or any other relevant information surrounding the art piece.)
  • Other Resources (Participants may have included other helpful resources or links.)