Torso of a Male Athlete

Tag Cloud of Resources Used - from Diigo

Behind the Scenes at the Museum: Meet Chelsea Kelly - Manager of School and Teacher Program

TimeRime Timeline of Researched Piece of Art


(Note to participants: If you feel you have some important links or citations that don't fit in any of the projects above and you'd like to put them somewhere, just create them as text links at the bottom of your page. This is not required but some were sharing they had some resources that may not fit in their Diigo area or wanted to give credit to somewhere they got some media and didn't know how or where to do that) Example:
  • Special thanks for the discussion with Chelsea Kelley and her resources at the Milwaukee Art Museum She inspired many parts of our timeline project and gave us some great background information.


If you are playing with any other "tools in your toolbag" you learned at the conferenced and would like to include another object on your page to show what you created, you may include them at the bottom of your page as well. We did an optional Voicethread which you can see below.

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